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Repeat Prescriptions


The following information is designed to ensure a safe and continuous supply of your medication. Please manage your medication efficiently to reduce waste and save money.

Please be aware that we are advised by NHS England to ask you to purchase medication for conditions that either lend themselves to self care or are self-limiting, whether you pay for your prescriptions or not

How can I reorder my repeat medication?

The best way to do this is via the internet … download the NHS app and register, you can order your repeat prescriptions online as well as book GP appointments and view your medical records. For more information go to

You can also order medication by ticking the item(s) that you require on your current repeat prescribing slip and then:

  • posting the repeat prescribing slip in the post box outside at Buckden or at Little Paxton
  • telephoning Buckden Surgery between 10-12 am and speak to the dispensary staff 

How can I order online for my child / adult relative ?  

 Proxy access enables a user to manage someone elses account to book appointment and order repeat prescriptions with their consent.   This access is currently available in PatientAccess and the NHS App.

For proxy access to records of adults, please complete Proxy Access Application for Patient Online Access (PDF, 230KB) and email it to
For proxy access to records of children, please complete Child Proxy Access Application for Patient Online Access (PDF, 382KB) and email it to

If  you are a dispensing patient and collect your medication from the surgery dispensary you need to order your medication in time to allow THREE full working days for the team to process your order - the surgery dispensary collection times are;

Monday           08:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 17:45

Tuesday          08:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 17:45

Wednesday     08:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 17:30

Thursday        08:00 - 13:00

Friday             08:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 17:00

If  you are a dispensing patient and collect your medication from the surgery dispensary you need to order your medication in time to allow THREE full working days for the team to process your order ie;

Prescription requested

Due for collection (if ordered before 12.30pm)

Due for collection (if ordered after 12.30pm)
















Who can pick up my medication / prescription?

You must be 16yrs of age or older to collect a repeat prescription unless the medication is specifically for yourself in which case you must be 14 or over.

You may get someone to collect your medication on your behalf provided they are 16 or over. If you collect on behalf of someone else you will need to be aware as to whether they pay for their prescriptions or not.

If you do not pay for your prescription it helps us if you can show us some evidence when you pick up your prescription.

Can I have something that is not on my repeat slip?

We normally recommend that you book an appointment or leave a message at reception for the Doctor, in this instance. However, if it is a medication that has previously been prescribed by a Clinician then it may be possible to leave a request at reception for your usual Doctor. Please note this request will take longer than 2 full working days to process, and the Doctor may still need to see you. Please do not request these items via the dispensary hatch.

How much medication will I get at one time?

The Practice policy is to issue 28 days medication at one time whenever reasonable. Part of the reason for this is to reduce wastage and improve safety.

I pay for my prescriptions and they are expensive

Medical Exemption certificates are available for specified medical conditions.Our Dispensary staff should be able to advise you on these matters.

If you are not exempt, many people who have more than one regular item per month find it cheaper to buy a Prescription Prepayment certificate lasting 3 or 12 months. Find out more about the prescription prepayment certificate.

What does the medication review date mean?

It is essential for your welfare that we review your medication on a regular basis to ensure safe prescribing. The review date is set such that around this time you must book a routine appointment with your usual Doctor for the specific purpose of reviewing your medication. (Please book another appointment if you wish to see your Doctor about other medical matters). This will normally be once a year for most people although for those with conditions that are more complex or more medication it may be more frequently.

Where appropriate a medication review can be done by a telephone appointment.

If you require medication after your medication review date has passed this may take more than 48hours to arrange, as the dispensers will need to liaise with your usual Doctor to authorise your prescription. If your review date is overdue and especially if it is more than 2 months overdue, we may not issue your medication until a review has taken place. In the unusual and exceptional circumstances of your review being significantly, overdue we may need to issue you with limited quantities of essential medication only until this can be reviewed.

Even if you attend the hospital for monitoring of your medical condition, you are still required to attend the Surgery for a review of your medication. The Dr who issues / signs the prescription takes responsibility for it.

I’ve recently registered and need to obtain some repeat medication

Welcome, you will need to book an appointment to see one of the Doctors to authorise a repeat prescribing slip for you. However, in an emergency if you have evidence such as your repeat prescribing slip from your previous Surgery of the medication that you require then the dispensary can usually arrange for you to have some initial supplies if you give us 72 hrs notice. It is essential that we have some form of written evidence before we dispense your medication, the white repeat slip or labels of recent medication.

Please try to note all your medication on your new patient form. When you attend your appointment with the Doctor, it is helpful if you can bring your medication with you or the latest repeat prescribing slip from your previous surgery.

The hospital have prescribed some medication and I need to continue taking it

We should receive confirmation of this from the hospital and can therefore amend your repeat slip accordingly; however, sometimes there are delays in communication from the hospital. If you need some more medication and can present some form of written evidence of the name, strength and dose of your medication to the dispensary we will try and arrange to obtain further supplies for you. Please give us as much notice as reasonably possible in this instance.

Please note that we do not fax prescriptions and only in exceptional circumstances post prescriptions and not at all for Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs

I no longer need / my dose has changed on some of my repeat medication

Please let the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner know at your medication review appointment.

Buckden and Little Paxton Surgery March 2021

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